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TRANSITIONING AFTER 50 - Five Years of a Life Changing Experience
By Erin Paula van Beveren.

As I was looking for everything I could find about transitioning, I noticed that most books, websites, TV documentaries and YouTube videos are more or less related to the younger generation of us transgender woman. Therefore I decided writing my story to share with you, the transgender woman, who starts her journey at, or after 50.

If you are about to start your own transition than hold on tight, it’s going to be a bumpy ride, but one with great results, as long as you are realistic and don’t expect to be the next Victoria Secret Angel model, although, Valentina Sampaio, is the first trans woman to model for Victoria’s Secret in 2019.

If you are an ally and interested in getting to know the life of a trans woman, I gladly share my life story with you. But please remember, this is my personal life story and every trans woman will have her unique difference, although we do have many things in common.

I am not educated in the medical field and all my statements, in regards to medical issues, are pure based on my own experience and the information I received from my medical team. I am not going to mention things that could possibly hurt you, like medication dosage and where to get medications without the required prescriptions.

Hormones are VERY POWERFULL. The difference between male and female might be obtained with just a couple of pills, some patches, cream or injections, but the physical and mental difference are like night and day. Please see your endocrinologist, he or she will find the correct mix for everyone, to have the healthiest and best physical plus mental results. DON”T PLAY WITH HORMONES.

The postings on my website, and in my book, are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views, positions, strategies, or opinions of other transgender, non-binary or LGBTQ+ members, as well as medical professionals. This is my experience, and please be advised, yours might turn out different.

I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing. Love and Hugs, Erin.
About my book:
My book will give you information in what to expect when you start your transition from male to female later in life, like I did in my adult life at age 51, at which time I was looking for lots of information myself.

It is both a written story about my life as a person, and as an informative guide into transitioning for those who are at their beginning of their journey.

Although every person is unique and results will be different to each one of us, by reading my book you will follow all my social, medical and legal steps troughout my life to become who I was intended to be at birth.

My book is still in progress and will take a long time to finish, please check back often.

Click here to read more about my book, and the updates on the progress of my book.
About this website:
I created this website to have my book, Transitioning after 50, available online and for everyone to read.

Next to providing my book, this website also contains additional information, and pictures, about transitioning from male to female, as well as showing my progress in the form of the five picture scrapbooks I created each year documenting my own journey.

Here on this website I will also list information to books, DVD's and links to other valuable websites, in regards to being transgender and the LGBTQ+ community.

My website is still in progress and will take a long time to finish, please check back often.

Click here to read more about this website, and the updates on the progress of this website.

2015, highlights of my first year.

Coming out.
My first PRIDE.
Starting HRT.

2016, highlights of my second year.

Becoming legal.
First time visiting my mom as "me".
Finished laser hair removal.

2017, highlights of my third year.

Feeling accepted at work.
Switching to injections.
Gender Reassignment Surgery.

2018, highlights of my forth year.

Last post-op appointment.
Best gift from my parents.
First time in bikini.

2019, highlights of my fifth year.

Fully Accepted at Work.
Columbus Ohio.
Completed Documenting.

2020, to infinity and beyond.

Although I initially thought about documenting only the first five years, I will be adding updates about my progress, after all, one is never really finished.

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A testimonial I received:
Received 07-27-2020

From a long time cisgender female FaceBook friend.

This is the picture my friend added to her post

This is my long time friend Erin.

I was friends with Erin when she was someone’s husband.
Erin is from the Netherlands where I served in the Army during the late 80s.
Erin has (legally) lived in the U.S. for many years, with her family.
Erin is one of the nicest and most considerate people I know and a kind soul to go with that.
Erin is Transgender.
You don’t stop caring about your friends or loved ones when they ‘come out’, and if you do, then you were never their friend in the first place.
One of the most admirable things I see in Erin is her unwavering stand to be recognized for who she is. She is peaceful, she is brave. She is very brave.
If ever a day came that I was in a public women’s restroom with one of my grandchildren and someone tried to grab them, I would be so lucky to have Erin in there to help me fight.
I also would have gladly served along side, and next to Erin.
You will always have my friendship and support, Erin.

A treath I received:
Received 05-31-2016

From a Facebook User. (reported to police)

You're a sickening freak. If i was to catch you in the bathroom with my daughter I'd have to slit your fu**ng throat.

Something to think about:
Found on social media.

When I was a child, my bullies called me a girl.
As an adult my bullies call me a man.

Interesting phrases:
Found on social media, TV and movies.

Transerella (POSE).

Butterflies are born twice. (Dutch TV)
(Vlinders worden in twee keer geboren)

What to expect when you are expecting... Boobs. (FaceBook)

Some of my attitude is a result of your actions.
So if you don't like my attitude - blame yourself. (FaceBook)

How many Trans woman does it take to change a light bulb?
One, but she'll need two letters from certified electricians stating that the room really is unlit and she doesn't intend to revert the room back to its original darkness, and also a year of experience lighting here house with only a candle. (FaceBook)

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