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How do I become an alley?
Becoming an alley is one of the best things you can do to support the transgender community. Acceptance by the general public is very welcoming and a safe feeling for transgender individuals.
What is AFAB standing for?
AFAB stands for "Assigned Female at Birth".
What is AMAB standing for?
AFAB stands for "Assigned Male at Birth".
What is BA standing for?
BA stands for "Breast Augmentation". Or more commonly known as breast implants.
What is CIS, cisgender, standing for?
CIS is short for cisgender, which is a term for people whose gender identity matches their sex assigned at birth.
What is DES standing for?
DES stands for "Diethylstilbestrol" (anti-miscarriage drug commonly used in the 1950/60's)
What is FFS standing for?
FFS stands for "Female Feminization Surgery". FFS is a variety of different facial surgical procedures to reshape the masculine facial characteristics into that of a more feminine face. Not every procedure is needed or wanted. Click here, to find out some detailed information on the various surgical procedures.
What is HRT standing for?
HRT stands for "Hormone Replacement Therapy". Also called cross hormone therapy. This is usually a combination of testosterone blockers and the female hormone estrogen. A second female hormone, progesterone, might also be prescribed by your endocrinologist. These medications are available in various forms; in pill, cream, patch and injections.

Hormones are VERY POWERFULL. The difference between male and female might be obtained with just a low dosage, but the physical and mental difference are like night and day. I like to compare this to the hot and cold water facet in your shower. Either one by itself is too cold or too hot, mix the two, or you feel just fine. So are the hormones in your body, testosterone and estrogen in particular, your endocrinologist will find the correct mix for everyone, to have the healthiest and best physical plus mental results. DON”T PLAY WITH HORMONES.
What is LGBTQ standing for?
LGBTQ stands for "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning".
What is GRS, GCS, GFS, SRS standing for?
GRS - Gender Realignment Surgery. (There are numerous other expressions that are used, or have been used, to refer to Sexual Realignment Surgery, including sex change operation, Sex Reassignment Surgery, Gender Confirmation Surgery, Genital Reconstruction Surgery, Gender-Affirming Surgery, and Sex Realignment Surgery.)
What is Transgender standing for?
Transgender - is a term for people whose gender identity or gender expression differs from their sex assigned at birth.
What are the requirements to start hormone replacement therapy?
A referral from your general practitioner as well a letter from a mental health provider are required to start hormone replacement therapy with an endocrinologist. Sometimes a letter of consent can replace this requirement.
When it is the best time to start transitioning and where to start, what to do first?
This is a question that only you can answer for yourself. By reading my book I know you will have a better understanding of the transition process and will be able to answer this and other questions, and make your own educated decision. However, my advice, start with facial hair removal now, as soon as you can, as soon as you finish reading this introduction, even if you are not sure if you will come out of the closet just yet. Facial hair removal is, next to having discomfort, a time consuming and costly thing to do, for us transgender woman over 50.
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